Optimize Your WordPress site for Core Web Vitals using R.O.S.E Mechanism

Core Web Vitals is a new standard introduced by Google to measure overall page experience. It’s a way for webmasters to assess their website’s performance and optimize it for a better user experience. By also taking into account the page loading speed, this standard demands high-performance standards on the website. In this lesson, I will […]

What are Core Web Vitals, and why it’s important for your WordPress website?

During Chrome Dev Summit 2020 (held on Dec 9-10, 2020), Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller outlined three main elements of a good SEO strategy: Relevant and high-quality content: Users go to Google for relevant information. Your content must not only match what the users are looking for but also be well written. So, making […]

Is Your WordPress Site Loading Really Slow? Here’s why

Is Your WordPress site loading really slow? A slow-loading WordPress website can hurt your business traffic, sales, and SEO rankings. It can also negatively impact your brand and customer experience. 50% of online users prefer fast websites over a sluggishly-loading site. They will leave your site before even giving you a chance to show them […]